Deep tissue massage

Дълбокотъканен масажDeep tissue massage
Deep clothing is used for healing purposes. Deep tissue massage uses various massage techniques which cause changes in the patient's body that favorably remove inflammatory processes and enhance blood circulation and improve lymph.
Through a series of concentrated techniques the body acts on the deep layers of muscles and connective tissue, relieving pains. Improves blood circulation. Deep tissue massage is useful at high levels of stress, high physical stress and prophylaxis. Massage is done with a force that is in the comfort of the client. It is often used both as a diagnostic and therapeutic method.
It prepares the soft tissues for subsequent manually-therapeutic procedures, improves the mobility of the tissues and their elasticity, stimulates the lymphatic current in and around the soft tissues of the locomotory system. Helps normalize pathologically increased muscle tone and muscle spasm. It is used in both acute and chronic conditions.
The deep-tissue massage is ideally suited for:
General conditions of life, physical and emotional stress, depressive states, digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, back and weist pain, stiff neck and back, back and leg pain, discopathy and disc hernias, plexitis, neuralgia , headache and migraine, enlargement, gynecological problems.
Deep tissue massage is used as an aid in the complex healing process to help restore the function of organs and systems to various musculoskeletal problems.
Massage is used as a curative and prophylactic against complications in the complex treatment of various diseases and traumas of the human organism. Its physiological and beneficial effects on the painful areas of your body.
Is there a pain in the deep-tissue massage?
Mostly there is no pain in this type of massage.
How fast do you get results with the deep-tissue massage?
Most people report incredible relief immediately after the first or second procedure.
What can help reduce inflammation?
Deep tissue massage will help in inflammation and painful areas. It is very important to drink plenty of water after a deep tissue massage to help wash the lactic acid from the tissues. If you do not, you are more likely to have irritation the next day.
Many people ask for more pressure, thinking that if the therapist simply uses more strength, they will be able to get out of all their pains right away. It just will not happen.
In fact, the general stiffness and discomfort in the painful areas is removed from the muscles with a program that includes exercise, work on the posture, ways to properly position the body in space, relaxation techniques, and regular massage sessions to keep your muscular habits.

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